Environmental Risk Management

Risk Assessments and Due Diligence

Resolute assists organisations in identifying and understanding their own unique compliance risks and opportunities. Once identified and assessed, Resolute provides recommendations on how best to practically and cost-effectively reduce their risks and capitalise on opportunities, ensuring compliance with the law as well as with other adopted or industry-binding protocols our clients may subscribe to.

This risk-based approach assists in highlighting the areas in our clients’ businesses that are adversely affecting productivity and market competitiveness – be it due to legal compliance, financial considerations, or ecological aspects.

As part of our Risk Management suite, our services also include:

  • Legal compliance advisory
  • Industry standard identification and strategic management
  • Productivity improvement assessments and advisory
  • Pre-feasibility for new developments based on land use and environmental risks

Our due diligence services provide our clients with a comprehensive understanding of the environmental risks and liabilities associated with organisational change such as acquisitions, mergers or restructuring deals. Providing our clients with essential information allows them to make effective, fact based decisions during these critical periods.

External and Internal Compliance Audits

Resolute provides organisations with an independent opinion of their compliance status with regard to pertinent legislation, internal policies, as well as other protocols the organisation may be bound to. Resolute provides organisations with an understanding of their compliance challenges as well as recommendations on how to most practically and effectively improve their level of compliance.

Internal Audits are provided to organisations in preparation of statutory, industry or supply chain compliance audits. These audits determine an organisation’s ‘readiness’ for impending external verifications. Our approach to conducting internal audits is based on ensuring our clients fully understand their current circumstances and assisting the organisation in becoming compliant through practical, feasible and sustainable means.