Mine Closure is governed more strictly than ever before by legislation and Good International Industry Practice (GIIP). In addition to complying legally, mining operations are also experiencing increased social pressure to return disturbed areas to pre-mining conditions, or as close thereto as practically possible. Subsequently, the standard which needs be upheld by the mining industry for closure planning and implementation has increased substantially.

Resolute provides specialised mine closure services which are implemented in accordance with all applicable legislative requirements and best practice guidelines. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures the successful planning and implementation of closure projects.

Our principle objectives are to:

  • Reduce our clients’ mine closure related risks and legal liabilities
  • Plan, implement and administer mine closure projects effectively and efficiently
  • Establish and enhance the viability and sustainability of rehabilitated and restored land before, during and after closure

Planning with both closure and end land use in mind emphasises how important proper closure planning is during all phases of an operation. In addition, many closure related documents are legally binding and should therefore be tailored per mining operation, ensuring that liabilities are correctly managed at all times.

Our multi-disciplinary team provides the following closure planning services:

  • Development & refinement of mine closure plans – draft to final
  • Annual rehabilitation plans
  • Rehabilitation trials & closure criteria plans
  • Financial provision calculations
  • Care and maintenance plans
  • Biodiversity management plans
  • Environmental risk assessment reports
  • Rehabilitation strategy development
  • Liability & progress tracking tool development
  • Environmental risk assessments
  • Environmental due diligence
  • End land use planning
  • Agri-mining plan development
  • Operational phase income generating strategies for closure & rehabilitation
  • GAP & SWOT Analyses

Over the last decade, many guidelines have been established to assist in developing mine closure plans and related supporting documents. However, less emphasis has been placed on ensuring that these plans are accurately and expertly implemented. Resolute provides clients with the necessary expertise to manage and implement all closure related projects.

Our team has extensive knowledge on all physical, biophysical and social related aspects. Our services include:

  • Closure plan implementation guided by past experiences, best practice guidelines & legislative requirements
  • Closure & rehabilitation scheduling & tracking;
  • End land use implementation, including Agri-mining projects
  • Rehabilitation & closure criteria trials and research projects
  • Mine closure civil & demolition works
  • Vegetation establishment, biodiversity & natural habitat specialist projects
  • Land management including: Erosion & stormwater control; and alien & invasive plant management
  • Water management & treatment
  • Socio-economic project coordination
  • All monitoring, maintenance & aftercare management

All mine closure projects must be supported and driven by legally compliant and comprehensive and legally compliant administrative practices. Resolute has developed several spatial tracking, and project management tools to assist our clients in managing and successfully implementing large-scale projects.

We provide our clients with the following project management and administrative services:

  • Spatial tracking of all closure & rehabilitation aspects
  • Resource planning & management
  • Contractor & specialist management
  • Authority and Interested & Affected Party liaison
  • Data, information & reporting procedure development & implementation