Resolute provides specialised land management solutions, which focus on the recovery and restoration of our clients’ land and natural resources to enhance business opportunities and protect the environment.

Our principle objectives are to:

  • Reduce our clients’ land management related risks and legal liabilities
  • Provide practical, cost effective and time efficient solutions to our clients land-use and development challenges
  • Protect and enhance the economic viability of our clients’ land and natural resources through effective restoration and utilisation practices

  • Slope stabilisation
  • Drainage line reinstatement and watercourse restoration
  • Erosion and stormwater management
  • Dust-suppression and -management
  • General vegetation establishment for soil stabilisation and visual impact mitigation
  • Alien and invasive plant management
  • Sourcing of site specific seed mixtures

Development and management of site-specific rehabilitation trials, to:

  • Identify viable landform design concepts
  • Develop optimum growth media
  • Determine amelioration requirements
  • Develop feasible re-vegetation techniques
  • Monitoring through spatial analyses/remote sensing and ground truthing practices
  • Maintenance and aftercare of rehabilitated areas
  • Data and information handling and control
  • Reporting of monitoring and maintenance findings

  • Sustainable land use management and implementation
  • Onsite measurements and surveying for spatial data analysis and management
  • Onsite coordination and management of contractors and specialists
  • General environmental degradation and disturbance assessments
  • Coordination and provision of specialised land management material and equipment