Sustainable Land Management is described by the United Nations as the use of land resources, including soil, water, animals and plants, for the production of goods to meet changing human needs, while simultaneously ensuring the long-term productive potential of these resources and the maintenance of their environmental functions.

Resolute provides sustainable land management solutions, which focus on the recovery and restoration of our clients’ land and natural resources to enhance business opportunities and protect the environment.

Our principle objectives are to:

  • Reduce our clients’ land management related risks and legal liabilities
  • Provide practical, cost effective and time efficient solutions to our clients’ land use and development challenges
  • Protect and enhance the economic viability of our clients’ land and natural resources through effective restoration and utilisation practices

We ensure that all our restoration projects’ landscapes are safe, stable, non-polluting and yield sustainable land uses.
Our landscape restoration strategies incorporate a holistic approach, which focuses on the natural and social environment as a whole.

Our landscape restoration services include:

  • Slope stabilisation
  • Drainage line reinstatement& watercourse restoration
  • Erosion & stormwater management
  • Dust suppression & dust management

Vegetation establishment is one of the key aspects comprising most land management and restoration projects. Rapid, comprehensive and sustained vegetation establishment ensures effective erosion control and long-term surface stabilisation of disturbed areas and slopes. We have extensive knowledge and experience in the successful establishment of vegetation across a variety of landscapes, land use types and biomes.

Included within our vegetation establishment and management services are the following:

  • General vegetation establishment for soil stabilisation & visual impact mitigation
  • Alien & invasive plant management
  • Sourcing of site-specific seed mixtures

Disturbances caused by mining operations and other large-scale industries need to be rehabilitated prior to closure, signoff and/or decommissioning. All industries are experiencing increased pressure from both the authorities and the public to not only comply legally, but to ensure that disturbed areas are returned as close to their previous states as possible. The potential for rehabilitation project failure is a common concern to both management and stakeholders alike, as the financial, reputational, social and ecological consequences are often significant. Through our experience and expert knowledge, we develop and manage site-specific rehabilitation trials.

Our team of rehabilitation specialists provide the following services:

  • Viable landform design concept development
  • Optimum growth media development
  • Determination of amelioration requirements
  • Feasible re-vegetation technique development
  • Site specific rehabilitation trials

Most previously disturbed areas remain sensitive for many years after the rehabilitation and restoration process has been concluded. These areas must be nurtured to ensure that they are able to withstand seasonal changes and support sustainable land uses. After physical rehabilitation actions have been implemented, a phase known as ‘active aftercare’ needs to be entered into. This phase incorporates active maintenance and management interventions to ensure that these areas become stable and sustainable landforms. Maintenance processes are undertaken to ensure that the rehabilitation work completed is not compromised over time, and to carry out reparations and enhancements where necessary. Monitoring processes are established to assess and evaluate the integrity of rehabilitated areas, ensuring that proactive steps are taken to identify issues, determine the significance of residual and latent impacts post-rehabilitation and closure, and to comply with end land use requirements.

We provide the following monitoring and maintenance services:

  • Monitoring through spatial analyses, remote sensing & ground truthing practices
  • Rehabilitated areas’ maintenance & aftercare
  • Data and information management
  • Reporting of monitoring & maintenance findings

Land Management is a continuous decision making process which requires dedicated project management and administration.

We provide the following services to our clients to assist them as the responsible custodians of their land:

  • Sustainable land use management & implementation
  • Onsite measurements & surveying for spatial data analysis & management
  • Onsite coordination & management of contractors and specialists
  • General environmental degradation & disturbance assessments
  • Coordination & provision of specialised land management material & equipment
  • Carrying capacity & arability optimisation