Resolute partners, Alfred Ayres and Tom Zingel, share a passion for the natural environment and a vision for creating sustainable solutions for Resolute’s clients, always ensuring their best interests are met, as well as that of the environment in which they operate.

Our partners’ and key associates’ combined experience brings a unique, dynamic and adaptable approach to providing environmental management services.



“We are practical, solutions based thinkers
and employ this approach in all of our undertakings.”

The Resolute team’s combined experience allows us to understand and work with our clients throughout their various chains of command, from ground level operations to the decision makers’ boardroom. We are renowned for our effective communication capabilities at all management levels and specialise in bridging gaps between internal management hierarchies, organisations and stakeholders.

We keep the big picture in mind in all that we do. We always act in our clients’ best interests and ensure that we work closely with them to achieve long term success.
Effective service delivery within the environmental sector requires the use of an experienced multidisciplinary skill base. Resolute has partnered with key industry leading associates to create a truly multidisciplinary approach, which enables us to provide high quality, customised services to all business sectors.

Resolute provides services to the following sectors, based on our team’s extensive experience and expertise in each industry: