Resolute Environmental Solutions (Resolute) provides services to clients in numerous sectors, both locally and internationally. Our capabilities extend across the mining, construction, civil and industrial sectors, through to agricultural and conservation organisations.

Resolute provides outsourced and specialised environmental management support, monitoring and advisory services which are customised to match our clients’ specific needs. Our principle objectives as a service provider are to:

  • Reduce our clients’ business risks and legal liabilities
  • Enhance our clients’ competitive advantage and productivity
  • Ensure that our clients are equipped to achieve sustained growth and success.

Our Philosophy

“Our success can only be achieved through our clients’ success.”

This base philosophy ensures that we always act in the best interests of
our clients and the environments in which they operate.


Our actions are driven by ethical and moral responsibilities, which
we are committed to uphold and promote as environmental custodians.

“We provide services of the highest quality, at affordable prices.”